The following pages provide all the information needed to score dental morphological traits, 63 common and six rare dental morphological characteristics. Each common trait is described in its own matrix—one pair of facing pages for each tooth for which the trait is scored. Each pair of pages provides the same standardized information in a standard format. Information on each page includes the following:

the trait name, including the tooth to be scored

the abbreviated trait name

a description of the characteristic

a drawing indicating where on a tooth to look for the characteristic

the name of the ASUDAS plaque that shows the trait, if one exists

a list of other teeth for which the trait is scored

a description and drawing, as well as two photographs of each grade possible for the trait.

Exceptions include cases where two drawings are provided to indicate that a particular grade may exist in more than one form, and cases where no or only one real-world example of a grade was available to photograph. Rare traits have not been drawn, but references are provided to the original works where they are described.