My story begins the day I was born, which is May 13, 1993. Funny thing about that is that wasn’t my due date. The due date the doctors gave my mother was supposed to be a day in August which made me a premature baby and born three months before the actual date. I was born in the Bronx, however I lived in Manhattan. I lived in the same area for all my life which is midtown, near Lincoln Center. Before I talk about the neighborhood I lived in let me talk about what I did as an infant growing into a toddler. My mother worked in the hospital and it was hard for her to take care of me and my brother who is thirteen years older than me. She asked if my brother wanted to go to school in the city or another state. He decided to move to Texas with my godparents and my mother and I would always visit whenever she had the chance. When I was able to go to school, a lot of schools did not accept me because I had a disability which was not being able to talk. So in order for me to go to school, my mother and I had to move to Massachusetts in order to have a speech teacher. I attended school there until I was five. That is when I moved back to the city.