The name of this cohort was Community of Student Investors (CSI), with the core courses of COM 100 (Marren), SOC 100 (Wall), CWP 101 (Taylor), MAT 103 (Hajikandi), and BSC 101 (Paige). In addition, we had student affairs and library liaisons. Amy Rockwell was the library liaison, and Jude Jayatilleke was the student affairs liaison. As noted in the prior sections, the MAT 103 focus was about patterns, BSC 101 about critical thinking, SOC 100 about groups of people and patterns, COM 100 about critical thinking about media (print, digital, social, commercial), and CWP (College Writing Program) 101 was how to write all about it. Our focus was to encourage inquiry in our LC students and help them investigate SUNY Buffalo State and the surrounding community in our extracurricular activities, hence the name Community of Student Investigators—CSI.