India and Russia are fast emerging as potential global players in international affairs in the post Cold War era. The bilateral interaction between the two countries is transforming into a broader engagement. Additionally, both countries have displayed immense resilience and understanding in the partnership despite the complexities, issues and challenges that have surfaced not only in the reciprocal context but also in the current international system. It is true that the foreign policy approach of New Delhi and Moscow has vacillated since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Conversely, it has also permeated in its scope and strength and, hence, it will be an unlikely scenario that the developments in the existing geo-political architecture will unsettle the special rapport between the two countries. Having realised the existence of myriad challenges in the bilateral ties, the unfolding of historical circumstances will aid in disregarding the growing contradiction in policy interests between the two countries. Hence, historical evidence will assist in substantiating why India and Russia will continue to maintain an indispensable partnership as the evolution of the relations between them has laid the foundation for strong bilateral ties despite both countries pursuing independent and pragmatic foreign policy principles in the contemporary world order.