There is little remaining evidence of the siege of Wingfield Manor (1644). The manor itself is ruined, partly because it was damaged in the siege and partly because it was later dismantled. Using an OS map, it is worth walking from the centre of South Wingfield at the crossroads where a farm that held Royalist prisoners still stands, down past the mill and across the river, and up to the initial positions of the large guns. From here the range was too great, and they only managed to damage a half-moon battery (seen attached to the south west of the manor). The guns were then moved via Park Lane to the position at Manor Top at the west of the map. From here the key wall of the manor was destroyed and the Parliamentarian troops advanced from a ditch at Garner Lane to take the manor. The Royalist commander was shot in the face as he tried to march out of the gate (still to be seen by the half-moon battery) with his soldiers.