Campion’s body hung till he was dead (Charles Howard’s intervention secured that small mercy), but it was butchered while Sherwin and Bryant were being executed:

While these martyrs were being torn asunder, the Catholics did their best to retrieve at least a few of their remains. But their enemies exercised great care to prevent this. One young gentleman, however, pushing through the people round him, let his handkerchief fall in order to get it soaked in Campion’s blood, or at least that it might collect a few drops. But his attempt was instantly noticed, and he was seized and put in gaol. All the same, while he was being arrested, another took the opportunity in the general confusion to cut off Campion’s finger and make off with it. That, too, was observed, but although a rigorous enquiry was set on foot, it proved impossible to find the man who did it. Another young man, when he saw that nothing could be taken surreptitiously, offered £20 of our money to the executioner for a single joint of Father Campion’s finger, but he did not dare to give it. Their clothes were much sought after by Catholics, who tried to buy them, but so far they have not been able to get anything. 1