AMALGAMATED SOCIETY OF STUFF AND WOOLLEN WAREHOUSEMEN Reg. 1601 & 1704 Formed as the Society of Stuff Woollen Warehousemen in 1894, the Society had 236 members in 1906 and 343 in 1910. Its secretary at the beginning of the first world war was S. Morton and its headquarters at St. George's Chambers, 3 Westgate, Bradford. It seems to have flourished during the war under a new secretary, M.F. Titterington, based on 26 Manningham Lane, Bradford, for in 1917 it claimed 2,000 members the end of the war and in 1920, 3,000 including 100 women. By 1918 the word 'Amalgamated' had been added when the Society took in the Huddersfield Warehousemen Makers-up and Packers Society and was re-registered as No. 1704. It probably also took in the Bradford Stuff Makers-up Provident Society. The post-war depression reduced membership to 2,100 and gradually by 1926 to less than 1,000. At the end of that year the Society merged with the Amalgamated Society of Dyers, Bleachers and Finishers (see TEXTILE FINISHING).