AIREDALE AND WHARFDALE SCRIBBLING OVERLOOKERS ASSOCIATION Very little information has been found on this Association. It seems to have been formed after the end of the first world war and first appears in the Ministry of Labour Directories in the 1920s when the general secretary was W. Flaxington, at 27 East View, Yeadon, Leeds. Together with two other organisations of scribbling overlookers at Leeds and Huddersfield, it became a National Federation of Scribbling Overlookers Associations, the general secretaryship of which moved from one association to another. In 1947 the Airedale secretary C.H.Brook, of 41 Grosmont Place, Bramley, Leeds occupied both posts. About 1970 the Association's name was changed to Airedale and Wharfdale Carding Engineers Association. It seems to have ceased in about 1977.