How much money did Crusaders take with them? How did they use money during the course of Crusading expeditions? These may seem to be obvious questions to raise in connection with the wider issue of the logistics of Crusading; yet, while considerable research has been carried out into the means by which Crusaders raised money to finance their journeys, much less has been devoted to how such funds were spent, and in particular, how money was used by Crusaders after their departure.2 As far as the first century of the Crusade movement is concerned, most studies of money have tended to deal with purely numismatic considerations.3 Any attempt to assess the logistical dimensions of Crusader finances therefore needs to consider all functioning forms of money, as well as how they were used. This paper examines these issues in connection with the forces of the princes during the First Crusade, focusing on three related questions. What sums of money did Crusaders take with them? In what form did they take them? And, how did they use them in the course of their march to the Holy Land?