In [Pope Silvester’s] time, the Emperor Constantine built these churches and adorned them: The Constantinian Basilica, where he placed these gifts:

A hammered silver fastigium … weighing 2025 lb of burnished silver; the apse vault of finest gold; and hanging beneath the fastigium, a light of finest gold with 50 dolphins [ornamental wick-holders], of finest gold weighing 50 lb, with chains weighing 25 lb;

4 crowns of finest gold with 20 dolphins, each weighing 15lb; the apse-vault of the basilica, of gold-foil in both directions, 500 lb;

7 altars of finest silver each weighing 200 lb;

7 gold patens each weighing 30 lb;

16 silver patens each weighing 30 lb;

7 scyphi [large chalices] of finest gold each weighing 10 lb; a special scyphus of hard coral, adorned on all sides with prase and jacinth jewels, inlaid with gold, weighing in all its parts 23 lb 3 oz;

20 silver scyphi each weighing 15 lb.