After the death of the Infante (November 13) the King gave to the Infante Ferdinand, on December 3, 1460, all the islands concerned in the preceding charters, including the two islands of the Azores bequeathed to the Order of Christ, and, in addition, a series of Cape Verde Islands which had not been mentioned in previous documents.65 These islands were Madeira, Porto Santo, Deserta in the Madeiras, Sao Luis, Sao Dinis, Sao Jorge, Sao Tomas, Santa Iria, Jesu Christo, Graciosa, Sao Miguel, and Santa Maria in the Azores, and “ylha de Sam Jacobo e Felipe, ylha de las Mayaes, ylha de San Christovam e ylha Lana” in the Cape Verde archipelago. This gift was made “with all rents, rights and jurisdiction that belong to us in them and that we should have by right, as the Infant Dom Anrique, my uncle, who is with God, held them from us.