Strategically located in the north-eastern part of the Asian continent, the Korean Peninsula thrusts to a southerly direction for about 1,000 kilometres. To the north lie regions of China and Russia, while the Chinese mainland lies directly to the west. To the east, the peninsula faces the islands of Japan. The shortest distance from the west coast of Korea to China's Shantung Peninsula is about 190 kilometres. The shortest distance from the southern port of Pusan to the Japanese island of Honshu is about 180 kilometres. The total area of Korea is 221,607 square kilometres (about 85,563 square miles). At present, the land is divided into two parts: the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). Due to this political situation, Korea is engaged in foreign trade as an island nation like Britain and Japan, thus forcing the country to actively participate in the maritime industry for effectively carrying its own trade. The administrative area of the country is 99,237 square kilometres or about 45% of the Korean Peninsula, which is slightly larger than Hungary or Portugal, and a little smaller than Iceland.