The book so far, whether starting from history or from culture, has pointed towards Karamojong cognizance of Akujů as the transcendent figure, implicitly and explicitly, who is immanent in their normal lives by his presence and activity. Though he may be responsible for amazing signs, it is the regular, natural rôle that he plays in their cosmology which integrates their communal life in the face of global, environmental and governmental adversity. It is 'Akujů, who has really brought us here together', and when they assemble of their own accord, it is invariably for the purpose of sacrifice and prayer, in their terms. Thus the meaning of these activities, so central to the enduring vitality of their culture and the religion that suffuses its every aspect, warrants further elucidation. They will be weighed against those factors of change which are likely to displace the currently beating heart of Karamojong culture.