If this is your first visit to HOLLYWOOD DRIVE, be aware that no such street actually exists. Nor does the image of Hollywood many of us still have in our minds. Yes, the city is still here, it has a terrific Chamber of Commerce, celebrities are still getting stars on the famous Walk of Fame, the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood and Highland hosts the Academy Awards each year, the iconic Musso & Frank Grill (which opened in 1919) is still open, tourists are still trekking up narrow, winding hills to get as close to the legendary Hollywood sign as they can, and a Star Wars premiere can shut down three city blocks for three days. But more than anything, Hollywood is a state of mind—a vision, a goal, a dream. It’s the dream of selling a screenplay, getting a SAG-AFTRA card, producing a film, becoming a cinematographer, getting your film into Sundance, becoming a resident of tinseltown. And the “drive” is what’s needed to achieve your goal. It’s the passion, the persistence, the tenacity it takes to make your dream a reality. My sincere hope is that this book will give you the tools, the motivation, the confidence and the drive you need to transport you to the Hollywood of your dreams.