Scenario: A group of your teachers attended workshops and received coaching over a three-year period in designing Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classrooms (LATIC). In three words, “they get it!” You see that their thinking has changed, they approach challenges differently than before, and they stay true to the paradigm shifts throughout their innovation. The classrooms run beautifully and the results are great. Other teachers in the school are gaining interest and are communicating with the LATIC cohort of teachers. The LATIC teachers are happily sharing the units they designed and inviting their colleagues in to see their classrooms. These newly interested teachers are starting to implement the LATIC framework as well, but their results are falling far short of the original group. You can’t quite explain it, but when you’re in the original classrooms, there is a “tightness” in the implementation—students seem very deliberate and purposeful in all of their actions. You don’t see this in the newer classrooms. You realize, too, that the LATIC teachers are simply disseminating information to the interested teachers, giving them their resources and allowing them to observe them in action, but that’s not producing the same effects.