The failure of HBOS and the losses generated were spectacular. Whilst we understand natural disasters like earthquakes, storms and floods, it is difficult to comprehend that an organisation created by humanity can have such a devastating social, cultural and economic impact. Even its history and heritage failed to stop the blowout. The reasons for this failure have been researched at length, both in this book and elsewhere. Although there has been significant blame poured on the leadership, management, accounting, auditing and regulation of HBOS, what is often forgotten or denied is the intellectual bankruptcy and corruption which created HBOS and also broke it in a very short time. Science without ethics, partial knowledge, disciplinary boundaries and the ideology of finance and accounting have all been exposed in this study. In this chapter, we will try to learn the intellectual lessons from the failure of HBOS, discussing how our theories and teaching curricula need to be revised to shape a more caring financial future.