Editors are tasked with incorporating a large variety of audio files into their sequences. It is understood that the sounds experienced by an audience can have a more profound effect on their emotional reactions than the picture track. Certain sounds are gathered during the production phase. These types of sounds include dialogue, room tone/ambience, wild sounds, and live musical soundtracks. Other types of sounds are acquired during the actual post-production phase. These types of sounds include narration/voice-over, automated dialogue replacement (ADR), tonal tracks, sound effects, Foley recordings, music soundtracks, stings/stingers, and orchestral scoring. There are many terms associated with audio editing, but sync sound is chief among them. Diegetic sounds come from within the film world. Non-diegetic sounds are clearly not audible elements generated from within or heard by anyone in the film world. Sound design is the process through which the “reality” of the film world is created via layering different sound elements.