This essay is not a full continuous and complete account of every instance, facet and dimension of political corruption in Australia during the last two centuries. It is not even such an account from the traditionally catholic, wide ranging and usually empirical perspective of the discipline of geography. It would however be unduly defensive and misleading to describe or define it as preliminary or even introductory. Intelligent debate as to the events and situations it discusses has been going on for over two centuries, from the very beginnings of European settlement. For much of the period the discussion has been carried on inconspicuously and peripherally, but now, in an environment of aroused public concern as to the practical significance of the issues raised, it often possesses a high profile. Interim and approximate are probably the aptest qualifiers for this study; but what worthwhile research, in the eyes of either writer or critic, deserves any other appellation? The last and better word always remains to be said.