Expert readers use rapid decoding, large vocabularies, phonemic awareness, knowledge about text features, and a variety of strategies to aid comprehension and

Strategie reading is a prime characteristie of expert readers because it is woven into the fabric of children' s cognitive development and is necessary for success in schooI. There are six crucial reasons why strategie reading is fundamental to the development and education of children. First, strategies allow readers to elaborate, organize, and evaluate information derived from text. Second, the acquisition of reading strategies coincides and overlaps with the development during childhood of multiple cognitive strategies to enhance attention, memory, communication, and learning. Third, strategies are controllable by readers; they are personal cognitive tools that can be used selectively and flexibly. Fourth, strategie reading reflects metacognition and motivation because readers need to have both the knowledge and disposition to use strategies. Fifth, strategies that foster reading and thinking can be taught directly by teachers. And sixth, strategie reading can enhance learning throughout the curriculum.