In a sense, all that has gone before in this book is by way of preparation for the present chapter. In Chapter 4 we looked, in some detail, at the general techniques available to us for bringing about behaviour change by manipulating the consequences. In Chapter 3 we discussed the need for careful pinpointing and recording of behaviour in order to find out exactly what is happening in the classroom. We stressed that pinpointing makes the task of observing much easier and more precise since it forces us to count clearly defined events. Counting, recording and analysing the frequency with which behaviours occur is fundamental to the behavioural approach. Later, in Part Two, we will consider this in greater detail and suggest ways in which your observation records can be summarised so that you can see at a glance what is going on. We are now in a position to put the A, B and C back together again. Here, we hope to demonstrate how behaviour can be analysed and, if necessary, a strategy developed to bring about a change.