This module includes 13 therapeutic sessions designed to facilitate a process of learning to identify, evaluate, and modify thinking and cognitive attitudes that contribute to criminalness and perpetuate impaired mental health functioning. CJ-PMI think differently than non-CJ-PMI, and the premise for this module is that the way people think affects their behavior (i.e., how people think affects how they act). In other words, it is the way a person construes (thinks about) a situation that influences their feelings and behaviors. Thus, the foundation for this treatment component is a cognitive model that applies to a CJ-PMI population as thinking styles and attitudes are common to criminal behavior, as well as impaired mental health functioning. Specifically, cognitive restructuring (cognitive-behavioral techniques for altering one’s thoughts) will be used to facilitate changes in thoughts and beliefs that increase risk for criminal behavior, as well as thoughts and beliefs that contribute to negative feelings and dysfunctional behavior.