Advances in telecommunications offer benefits from its products and services. These are crucial for both the economic and social development of a nation. To date, most developing nations are struggling to establish a National Telecommunications Strategic Process (NTSPP) for exploiting the strategic benefits through the proper use of telecommunications. This can be seen as one of the major driving forces for a NTSPP research. This book explores the idea of a NTSPP in Thailand. It does this by analysing the Telecommunications Strategic Planning Processes (TSPP) within the Telephone Organisation of Thailand (TOT), the Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT), and the Post and Telegraph Department (PTD). A multiple case study design approach is used for developing an understanding of the underlying TSPP strategies among the Thai telecommunications regulators. This chapter provides a brief history of the telecommunications industry’s development in Thailand. A brief overview of the strategic planning theories and practice in the Thai telecommunications is provided. A discussion of the background of a NTSPP and a summary of the following chapters of the book is also concluded in this chapter.