During the course of this book I will attempt to make some observations about professional practice within social work/care work teams. These observations are drawn from ethnographic, ethnomethodological and discourse analytic research into multidisciplinary social/care work team practice. The research investigated the interactional dynamics of a number of theoretically sampled multidisciplinary social/care work teams. The book attempts to report and bring together a number of observations generated during the course of this project. In order to do this I will first explore some of the ideas concerning multidisciplinarity and team work. This is followed by a discussion of my observations on multidisciplinary team practice. These observations will be relayed through the use of some illustrative examples of talk and interaction gathered from a case study of one of the multidisciplinary teams that the research examined. During the concluding chapter of this book I will reflect on some issues facing the development and promotion of multidisciplinarity within team based settings.