This chapter involves the nature of presentation and report writing for manufacturing small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as guided by a work study specialist. This presentation was structured into guidelines for addressing audience and presentation procedures in manufacturing SMEs. Presentations include oral messages, informative talks, discussions, demonstrations, meetings, and progress reports.

The procedures to be followed when presenting were posed; the first was determining the topic and the research material needed to analyze the audience, state the objective, structure the presentation, and deliver and conclude the presentation on a strong positive note among these SMEs. Report writing was the second communication tool; this supports the presentation discussed earlier to facilitate the understanding of the message conveyed to management and employees on the challenges facing manufacturing SMEs.

With regard to report writing, it was found that manufacturing SMEs need to consider providing training for employees so that they can continue to improve the productivity of their businesses and gain a competitive edge worldwide. Research was also conducted on the challenges facing companies around Gauteng, South Africa, and recommendations are made as to how these companies can operate their businesses effectively and efficiently.