The idea of an intelligent team brings up the question of who owns intelligence, individually, collectively, corporately and in communities. Google have a different answer to the Chinese in this respect. Google is currently estimated to process 3.5 billion requests a day. The Guangzhou Southern Metropolis Daily reported that the Chinese state not only collects personal data about its citizens, but it also sells the data. It seems that one can gain access to data about people’s movements, borders crossed, who they met, driving offences, pictures, location, etc. for small sums of money without any questions. The Chinese Government also plans to give each citizen a ‘social credit’ score, which will rank people’s trustworthiness from their online behaviour. Of course, we are already used to such things on e-bay, Experian, but the difference here is that we opt-in to such things whereas the Chinese way assumes the state own the data. Might total transparency be such a bad thing? It is something that we explore in the epilogue and here is a preview:

Work is flexible. Julie works the hours as needed by a complex coordination of her client’s needs, her family and herself. Her personal digital assistant Rover looks after all the mechanics using a set of algorithms that Julie agreed about various priorities for her work/life balance. There are no more days when she makes a plan then to be let down by cancellations or conflicts as everyone decided to ‘choose life’ when they elected to receive a basic income in exchange for full employment, fewer hours worked and the opportunity to earn more by discretionary contribution to the collective net worth through the IGOK (International Grid of Knowledge). Julie has young children so she contributes with one-third of her time to IGOK in exchange for a set of family orientated benefits via her PSP. She has planned to store up some of her contribution for a life-changing trip to Mars in 2050 with Virgin Celestial, which offered its first commercial flights to habitable planets from 2040.