Imagine a brand-new plant, where nothing has yet gone wrong and nothing has ever required fixing. The plant is a replica of an existing plant, and the maintenance department has been sized based on the experience of previous plants. The maintenance and operations department personnel take their posts and begin to operate. Maintenance is eager to get started on some work. Soon enough, the very first maintenance intervention is required. Production notifies maintenance about a need for corrective maintenance on a machine. Since this is the very first maintenance task in the plant, the maintenance department arrives almost immediately on the scene and starts taking care of the task. Very soon afterwards, as the maintenance team is still working on the first issue, some new work arises. This time, the maintenance department can only allocate half of its resources to the issue. Nevertheless, there are still resources available and work gets underway immediately. Very soon, as notifications continue to be generated, the resources will become scarce and the need for prioritization will be evident.