The different responsibilities that men and women primary teachers perceive themselves to have in the personal sphere, result in different experiences of career. In particular, such differences result in gender-linked variations in attitudes to promotion in the career. There are also wide differences between women, as there are differences between men, in attitudes to promotion. It is necessary to remember the extent of such variations among women primary teachers and what factors seem to be important in influencing any particular woman’s attitude to career. Then it might be possible to suggest whether or not there are important gender differences, or whether such variations are individual and circumstantial and therefore affect men as well as women. This chapter will consider how some women primary and infant headteachers became career-ambitious in the sense of wanting to achieve promotion to management posts in schools. It will also consider the various times in their teaching careers and the different stages in their personal lives that these women began to climb the promotional ladder that led eventually to headship posts and beyond.