I went back to work full-time in September 1966 when [my son] was four, going to be five in the February. I went to a brand new primary school. There was just me and the head at first and then we got two or three staff in the first year as the numbers came. The head had had my name given to him as someone interested in going back to full-time teaching. I suppose he would have been appointed and he'd be looking for staff and the authority would say, ‘Well here is somebody who has done some part-time work and maybe she would be interested in full-time’. I don’t know. You see it was different then because there were not enough people for the number of jobs that were going. I mean I never intended to go back when [my son] was eighteen months old. The money was very nice but I wasn’t really bothered about going back. They sort of encouraged you to go back and made it so that you really felt well you couldn’t refuse. Anyway I missed school because I mean I had been married seven years before I had a child.