Afirm, fair and friendly counselling environment, also known as the therapeutic alliance, provides a mutually trusting basis for more directive counsellor interventions. The procedures described in this chapter constitute the essence of the delivery system. These components are not steps but, rather, they represent a systematic approach. As a system they are interconnected in that when Reality Therapy is practised artfully, rather than mechanically, the counsellor weaves them together in what sometimes constitutes a seamless garment. A counsellor can extract the appropriate element at a given moment for use in a specific situation. Also, they are applied to systems such as schools, families, agencies or businesses. In these settings, individuals learn to communicate without using toxic behaviours such as arguing, blaming and criticising. Instead, they use ‘caring habits’ (Glasser, 2011) or tonic behaviours (Wubbolding, 2011).