In this chapter, I take a step back from working directly with the water aid organizations themselves and focus specifically on my own training and fundraising for the Sport for Water half marathon (see Chapter 5). This chapter is meant to be heavily reflexive. In parts, I struggled to consider my role in the global water charity, and this chapter really speaks to the beginning of those internal struggles. Up to this point, I was a rather passive participant, seeking to volunteer, but mostly taking in what others were offering. From this point, I become more active in the water charity process. I trained for six months leading up to the Sport for Water event and raised money for the London Water Charity (see Chapter 6). This chapter begins with an outline for how water aid organizations communicate need and moves through my struggle with self and training. Communicating the need for intervention to donors and potential donors in developed nations is a crucial aspect of water charities. It is through this communication with donors and potential donors that water charities are able to operate.