Karen and Josh had known each other for ten years and been living together for four. They were not “married”, but they had signed health powers of attorney for one another and one summer’s day had invited friends to journey with them to the mountains where they shared poetry as a celebration of their commitment. However, after a career-related relocation to accommodate Josh’s promotion, Karen saw that her soulmate had become preoccupied with work – the beautiful rhythm that had so characterized their love for one another had come to a standstill. Karen’s emotions slowly built to a crescendo. Feeling unanchored after the move, Karen sensed that she and Josh were often “out of sync”. Thinking about dissolving the relationship, Karen flew back to Albuquerque to talk with a few old friends … to get perspective. However, each conversation seemed to Karen as if her friends were defending the “old Josh”. In her mind, the old Josh didn’t exist any longer.