Nyasaland, or the Nyasaland Protectorate was bounded by Tanganyika (Tanzania mainland) to the northeast, Mozambique to the southeast, south, and southwest, and Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) to the west. Nyasaland was under the administration of the British South Africa Company (BSAC) when Sir Harry H. Johnston took over its administration in 1890. In 1891, a British protectorate was declared and the territory was named the British Central Africa Protectorate (BCAP) with Sir Harry H. Johnston as commissioner (1891–1897). In 1907, the BCAP changed its name to Nyasaland Protectorate; the commissioner became governor. Between 1953 and 1963, Nyasaland was part of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. After the Federation was dissolved, Nyasaland became independent from Britain on July 6, 1964 and was renamed Malawi. 1