Employee engagement has become an important concept in the field of HRM, not least because the measurement of the degree to which staff are connected to their employing organization enables managers to see where and how employment practices and procedures may need to be modified. Many organizations regularly measure their levels of employee engagement and use such data to make relevant changes to improve employee motivation. There is a wide variety of measurement tools available in the marketplace; sometimes these are devised and used internally whereas some organizations will use the services of external survey companies to undertake this work for them as this is seen as providing a more objective view of what is going on. Cost as well as design and interpretation capability will also be issues to consider in working out how to deal with the measurement process. This chapter reviews three major surveys in the marketplace which have gained international credibility and application in recent times. These include the Top Employers Award, the Great Place to Work Scheme, and the Best Companies Award. The last of these is illustrated by a case study.