This book is written for clinicians who help clients with body image and weight concerns, and who have watched clients try and fail at various behavioral strategies to lose weight and feel better about themselves and their bodies. If you are frustrated with your inability to help clients achieve lasting improvement in their weight and body image concerns, this book is for you. You may already know that both you and your clients need a new path to wellness and self-acceptance. This book shows you that path. Inside this book you will find a clear, research-based, and forgiving explanation for clients’ frequent failures to lose weight and keep it off, as well as helpful guidance for how to respond effectively to these poor outcomes, without frustration or increasing clients’ shame. Finally, this book offers you and your clients a liberating invitation to give up ineffective struggles with weight loss and body image. In its place, you will be provided with a powerful and unexpected new route to help your clients achieve their dreams, wellness goals, and hope for healthy body image and self-esteem.