New quarters at Zurich ; water versus wine ; a fallacious cure. —Georg Herwegh; his influence, literary and otherwise.—More Zurich friends and acquaintances : the ladies ; Otto and Mathilde Wesendonck.—Concerts of the Zurich ‘Panharmonic’ ; Spyri’s friendly newspaper ; an awe-struck committee.—Explanatory programme for the Eroica.—Conductor Abfs jealousy.—Festival-concert projected as part of a larger scheme ; abandoned for lack of support.—Three more ‘Panharmonic’ concerts (early 1852):— Beethoven’s Eighth and Egmont ; secret of conducting. Coriolanus overture with printed explanation ; attitude toward programme-music—Tannhàuser overture; phenomenal reception; its explanatory programme under two aspects.—Minor articles : “On Musical Criticism”; “Baumgartner’s Songs” ; on interpreting Beethoven. —Flying Dutchman at the Zurich theatre : “if T must” ; revised score; progressive success of a week of performances.—Tir ed out.