Nightclubs have long been used as vehicles to launder or move cash and goods simply because there is so much cash and product available. Theft, fraud and corruption exist where there is such value to be found, and that is true in the nightclubs and day clubs found at many gaming resorts. Each of these areas can be extremely profitable for a gaming property, so much so that a little theft and corruption might be overlooked. Some properties have found, to their serious dismay, that regulators frown on the activity and behaviors that occur in these areas, and have reacted accordingly with fines and restrictions, as well as strict regulation. Humans, being who they are, always find a way to make more money for themselves or to take advantage of situations to their benefit. Because, again, areas such as nightclubs and day clubs are not always monitored by engaged and objective personnel, the scams can only grow until they are large enough that they must be stopped.