When you think of distribution for your film, there are a number of markets to consider—for example:

▶ TVOD including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vimeo On Demand known as Transactional Video on Demand because people pay per view.

▶ Subscription VOD digital streaming, Netflix, etc.

▶ AVOD or advertising-based VOD is still a new market. It has the goal of having a consistent stream of people watching your videos (and thereby seeing the advertisements).

▶ Short documentary digital platforms that work like TV networks in as much as they pay a small acquisition fee (Vox, Slate, NYT Op-Docs, ITVS digital)

▶ cable video on demand (VOD)

▶ educational

185▶ theatrical screening ticket sales

▶ semi-theatrical screening fees

▶ broadcast TV rights

▶ and, believe it or not, profit from DVD sales (not much, but yes we did make profit on DVD sales).