Private talks continued exploring possible concessions from American, British, and Soviet offi cials. Rashad Pharaon, Royal Counselor to Saudi King Faisal, asked American diplomats about the prospect of Washington restoring diplomatic relations with Cairo. Th e Americans responded that Washington had not severed diplomatic relations with any Arab Government, but it was Cairo that had broken ties with the US. It would approve the restoration of ties if Egypt made the fi rst initiative, although this move would benefi t the Arabs more so than the US. Pharaon inquired how the administration viewed Nasser, to which the diplomats replied that Washington had tried to sustain amicable relations with the Egyptian President but found it increasingly diffi cult due to his intense anti-American rhetoric and the constant anti-American propaganda in Egyptian media. Th e administration viewed it particularly diffi cult to move forward with Nasser as long as he remained committed to propagating the “Big Lie” of US collusion with Israel during the war.1