This chapter begins by identifying a few key ways that UGC can help travel journalists in their work, as reported by journalists. Using the ideas of authenticity, accountability, and autonomy as touchstones, this chapter will explore the relationship between travel journalists and the networks nourished by user-generated content. Despite journalists’ initial skepticism over social media, the lifestyle and consumer nature of travel journalism needs to embrace the voices of the consumers and their voices, which are now more accessible than ever. Social media as a tool can provide a public outlet that can bolster a journalist’s perceived credibility by rendering them more authentic. It can allow them to act more accountably and autonomously by revealing the conditions of story production and helping to disclose any ties or correct any errors more easily. While there is potential, travel journalists must be wary of investing too much stock in social media, understanding that it is neither a crutch nor always reliable. The general ideas presented in this chapter should help guide travel journalists towards understanding whichever innovations are their disposal as these tools develop.