This chapter takes a unique look at travel journalism through the lens of a newer interpretation known as constructive journalism. The notion of constructivism includes aspects of positive storytelling and knowledge creation, whereby journalists seek to empower readers with solutions to problems, instead of simply reporting on the problems. Travel, and more broadly, lifestyle journalism, rarely comes into conversation with ideas of constructive journalism. With the internet, however, professionals from travel publications can report more freely and more copiously on events than they could before, expanding the possibilities for travel journalists. Many professionals revealed in interviews that they already adhere to many constructive ideals without knowing it. A further look at reporting by travel journalists during the 2015 Paris attacks illustrates how frames used in the media lean towards constructive reporting. Instead of simply reporting on the negative aspects of the shootings, travel journalists shared solutions and gave readers pertinent information during a crisis event. This study will open up a dialogue with both constructive and travel journalism that is rife with potential in a digital age.