This chapter highlights some practices that travel journalists might need to consider in order to create their own branded identity. By opening a dialogue with travel bloggers on how they engage in creating their own distinct brands, travel journalists can learn what might help them stay relevant in a digital landscape. Self-branding remains a contentious concept among professionals, and there is a clear lack of guidance from editors on how journalists should brand themselves online – especially in travel media. Most journalists are begrudgingly on these social networks, and while these outlets may not feature prominently in their news gathering processes, they do function systematically to build their brand. Bloggers, however, have a clearer and more focused approach to their content. They create their own voices and strategies, reliant on readers that they attract. Though there is no defined system, they also use social networks to self-brand, exhibiting certain consistencies that a journalist could reproduce. Such conversations are increasingly important as bloggers and other non-professionals are stepping up to work with major publications, taking roles formerly filled by traditional travel journalists. Ultimately, understanding how bloggers position themselves, however, can help travel journalists identify how they can better brand themselves.