At an early stage in the research for this book, I posted a request on a Facebook group asking for Indigo Children to volunteer to be interviewed. I received a response from “Nox”, in which he told me that “If you go looking for the Indigo Children, you won’t find them. Not the real Indigo Children”. During my fieldwork, the issues that arose around studying a loosely bound ideologically linked group reminded me of this claim by Nox. I went looking for the Indigo Children and found them in the primary literature as objects in discourse. I found them as objects in parental accounts of children. I found those who had claimed the label for themselves, making it a definition of self, not an object, but a subjective experience. I also found the Indigo Child concept in unexpected and evolving locations: in speculative fictions; in mainstream representations; in musical genres; among previously unconsidered races and classes; and in conspiracy theories. Which of these incarnations was the “real” Indigo Child, as Nox had claimed existed somewhere “out there”, just beyond discovery? This final chapter draws upon my findings, described in the preceding chapters, to consider how we might understand the “real” Indigo Child.