1 CATS, called in Greek aeluri, may be found in the northern lands. They are numerous, rather big, and mainly white in colour. They are amazingly clever in getting rid of the rats and mice that are their prey, not only from people’s houses and living quarters, barns and granaries, but also in the fields close to their homes. 1 But those that are wild attack birds and tiny animals for their food. 2 The skins of these cats, when they have been stripped off to serve as clothing, give wonderful protection against the bitter cold of winter. 3 However, the natives, knowing from experience, take care not to let these furs come into contact with the faces of human beings asleep, for they have almost the same quality as wolves’ skins, which damage the fleeces of lambs and ewes, even when the latter are dead. 3 In particular, domestic cats are kept completely away from babies’ cradles, and indeed from the beds of adults, so that they do not breathe into the sleeper’s mouth, for when he inhales their breath the vital humour is contaminated or consumed, and life departs. 4