BUT neither such Herod-like foxes nor such lean kine of Pharaoh, who devour everything plump and everything green, leaving no sign of being satisfied, shall escape unpunished. 1 For Scripture says that the Holy Spirit will flee deceit. 2 Indeed it also says, more frighteningly, ‘Woe to the false heart and sinful lips, to mischievous hands and to the sinner that goeth two ways into the land,’ 3 ways which, to those proceeding obliquely, seem to go straight, but lead the fast and perilous walker to the hangman’s noose and destruction. They promise goods to the Church and yield them up, but with a counterfeit heart, so that, for some feigned reason, they may seek their return for godless uses, repossess them to be inherited, and apportion them to generations to come. 4