The small church is decorated with flowers and cloths in bright colours. As members of the congregation enter, they are greeted at the door and given an order of service with a rainbow design on the cover and a piece of coloured ribbon. Soon the church is packed, and one of the three presiding ministers begins the service with words of welcome and introduction. She speaks of the joy of this day, but also of struggle and injustice. She welcomes the couple, and as music plays two women come up the aisle together, one of them almost dancing to the music and the other torn between laughter and tears. They stand at the front together, facing the congregation of family, friends, and colleagues; and make their promises to each other, using words they have written themselves. When they have made their promises and exchanged rings, the congregation tie together their pieces of ribbon and drape them round the couple as a sign of blessing. After an address using colours of the rainbow to symbolize aspects of the couple’s experience, prayers of intercession, and a closing song and blessing, the couple make their way to the door of the church. They greet members of the congregation as they leave the building, before driving off in a classic Mercedes decorated with rainbow ribbons to an evening’s party with food and drink, poetry, speeches, music, circle dancing and disco.