The greatest corrections toward the Third Way have been committed upon the two largest nations. We have seen how Russia was corrected to Communism and then corrected back again to a Western political economy with an approximation of democratic rale. In somewhat the same way, as well as uniquely differently, China moved into Communism and then toward a more nearly Western order. The one element to be emphasized here is the relation of national magnitude to this process, with Japan as a control. The point is that the two large countries were worlds unto themselves. The initial great change required tremendous force against the resistance of tradition, hence the Leninist and Maoist dictatorships. It had been necessary to force-march Russia and China military style to gain the necessary momentum for change. The military mode, however, was incapable of the efficiencies of a free society. Thus the ultimate correction in Russia was the annihilation of that military mode. As a small nation finally submitting to powerful foreign influences, Japan showed a way without Communism. The experience of India, moreover, will suggest another road taken by a large nation.