MALE VILLAGERS IZWE, young man who moves from rural area to Johannesburg MKHULU, rural African, Izwe's father DANNYBOY, young man in urban shebeen JULUKA, old man in shebeen JIMI, Shebeen owner and leader of the Bagoshedi Congress Party TWO MASKED MEN JABU, musician MR POSTMAN TWO DANCERS MR BOSSWINKEL, farmer TWO GIRLS

Pula was presented by the Soyikwa African Theatre group, and first performed in February 1982 in the Blackchain Hall, Soweto. During March it transferred to the Nunnery Theatre, Johannesburg, and from 2 August 1982 ran in the Laager at the Market, with Danny Moitse, David Sebe, Makarious Sebe and Ronnie Mkwanazi, directed by Matsemela Manaka.