MUHAMMAD VIII EL-AMIN (Bey, May 15, 1943-July 25, 1957). Muhammad el-Amin was born on September 4, 1881. He was a.descendant of Hussein Bey, who was the first bey of Tunisia in 1705. Muhammad el-Amin was placed on the throne of Tunisia by the French on May 15, 1943. He served as bey of Tunisia under the French colonial government. Tunisia was granted independence on March 20, 1956, and the bey was relegated to the status of a figurehead when Habib Ben Ali Bourguiba became prime minister the following month. The bey was deposed by the National Assembly, and Tunisia was proclaimed a republic on July 25,1957. He was placed under house arrest until 1960. He died in his small apartment in Tunis at the age of 81 on October 1, 1962.