WALTER KlEBER (Prime Minister, March 27, 1974-February 3, 1978). Walter Kieber was born in Feldkirch, Austria, on February 20, 1931. He received a degree in law from the University of Innsbruck in 1955. He set up a legal practice in Vaduz later in the year. Kieber became head of the Government Legal Office in 1959 and was named to head the presidential Office in 1965. He became the leader of the Progressive Citizens' party and served as deputy prime minister from 1970. He led the party to victory in parliamentary elections in 1974 and succeeded Alfred Hilbe as prime minister on March 27, 1974. When the Progressive Citizens' party lost its plurality in 1978,

Kieber relinquished office to Hans Brunhart. A constitutional crisis ensued when Kieber refused to give up the post of foreign minister. Prince Franz Josef II intervened and divided the responsibilities of the office between Kieber and prime minister Brunhart. Kieber remained in the government as deputy prime minister until July of 1980. He subsequently left government service to continue his law practice.