No matter when or at what age children begin school, parents and teachers want children to be happy and to have a start that will help them to settle quickly. The way children feel about themselves and the way they are supported by adults sets the foundations for them to gain confidence, feel emotionally secure, ready to meet new challenges, and learn throughout their lives. School provides a context for children to receive feedback from others on their actions. Success at school is more likely when children are 'self-assured and interested; knowing what kind of behavior is expected and how to rein in the impulse to misbehave; being able to wait, to follow directions, and to turn to teachers for help; and expressing needs while getting along with other chil­ dren' (Goleman 1996: 193). Nevertheless, some children are at risk of not transferring well and may develop problems caused by the stress of not settling in to school. Even a happy, secure and socially skilled child can be overwhelmed when starting school.